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Imdb casino jack

imdb casino jack

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Connections. References Casino () See more». Frequently Asked Questions. This FAQ is empty. Add the first question. User Reviews. hard to find anything. Franz Heiderscheidt. Brigada central II: La guerra blanca (TV Series) Director casino. - Érase una vez dos polis () Director casino (credit only). Andreas Daniel is known for his work on Casino Royale (), Ein Neues Wir - Ökodörfer und ökologische Gemeinschaften in Europa () and VIP zprávy.{/PREVIEW}

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{ITEM-100%-1-2}Edit Did Spielcasino bad reichenhall Know? Casino Jack and the United States of Money 7. I also have to say that the tag line for the film, "Honor. Emily Miller Paolo Mancini You cant jamie cope make this up!!! Such feldhockey deutschland strong kleiderordnung casino baden baden story I think part of the problem with the construction of the film is that the target audience had not been fully decided: As a dramatisation it works because we do not have to dwell on the alles spitze simulator of the deals being set up, who is ripping off who, who is the biggest liar. Deli Owner uncredited Kim Shimizu Spirit of a Denture He plays Abramoff superbly.{/ITEM}

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The first half of the movie was mired in the land of bad exposition. Characters would come on screen and say "remember how we were back in college when Meanwhile, all of the scenes blast along without any sort of emotional appeal, no characters to connect with, not a single person on screen to care about.

Overall this movie is glib. Some movies can pull off the pacing that this movie attempts and it comes off as charming, quirky or perhaps even a little sinister.

Just a scandalous story involving unlikeable portrayals, described with no style and with no real energy. Based on a real story and a real documentary releasing the same year, Casino Jack is just another fictional version of this fascinating story.

In return, Jack gets a sum of money from the special interest group that the voting benefited. This job is perfectly legal and the law even states that Jack can accept the money from the groups.

But in order to get the voting the way he wanted, Jack has to offer sporting events, private jets, hookers, vacations, and money to the congressmen that are willing to participate.

THIS is perfectly illegal. In doing all of this most of his life, Jack found himself in a ditch once in awhile and decided to take the wrong path down the road.

Performing illegal activities, involving in murders, and bribing congressmen. By the end, Casino Jack told the story of Jack Abramoff but did not tell a good one.

Sure this is a fascinating story, but director George Hikenlooper added unnecessary elements to the story that made it a dull and uninteresting political crap.

Kevin Spacey, Best Actor A slight chance. A lot of the reviewers on this board are treating this like a real movie and complaining about the style, the pacing, the acting, or whatever.

They are fakey, boringly executed accounts of real things that happened, they feel like they take a million years to watch, and they really only appeal to people the first time they see one.

Republican culture is full of sleazy, cynical con artists with big dreams that hinge on manipulating people and ripping them off. This movie is about two such men, Jack Abramoff and Mike Scanlon, and they are worthless people that no one with a soul can empathize with or relate to at all.

Watching them make their plans and cheat people and be disloyal to their friends and lovers is boring. The real Jack Abramoff seems to be a boring douchebag, and he probably did constantly do impressions of celebrities, but I doubt he was as interesting to watch as Kevin Spacey who is not interesting enough to save this movie.

Republican political corruption in the Bush administration. TxMike 4 May The movie is based on real people and real events. It also led to Tom Delay, the "hammer", stepping down from his leadership position.

Always great Kevin Spacey is super as "super lobbyist" Jack Abramoff. Obviously a very smart guy, the lines between legitimate lobbying and selling influence become very blurred in his vision.

He has visions of grandeur and as a result needs more funds than he has available. In turn he uses most of the money for projects, like building a Jewish school, and a number of other illegal uses.

Graham Greene of Northern Exposure fame is good as Bernie Sprague, the native American who figured out what Jack was all about and helped bring his crimes into investigation.

Spencer Garrett is good as Tom DeLay. Everyone should see this movie, simply for its inside views of how Washington really works.

Plus, it is very entertaining. The problem however, at least for me, is that every time I looked at Kevin Spacey, I saw an Irishman.

I found it hugely distracting. This is not a plea for stereotypical casting but for intelligent consideration of how actors come across.

There were many inadvertent laughable moments in the film and also a few, too few, deliberate LOL moments. There were excellent performances by Jon Lovitz and Maury Chaykin—they almost made the film worth watching.

I think part of the problem with the construction of the film is that the target audience had not been fully decided: I suspect the film is mostly viewed by those who know the story, and therefore it was annoying to hear all the primers, the explanations by the characters of the players and their history.

Not a successful film, but I liked being reminded of this sordid story, which, alas, is an on-going story in American government.

I viewed Casino Jack recently. The story centers around Jack Abramoff who is a registered lobbyist. It is kind of an odd movie subject.

Jack rises and then falls in a dramatic fashion even though the true story is pretty dull. Lets look at the different areas of this film.

After reviewing the specifics I want to talk about Hollywood and politics. Kevin Spacey was the only reason this film is watchable.

He delivers a solid smooth performance. Barry Pepper is becoming a first rate supporting actor. Spencer Garrett was strong as Tom Delay.

Kelly Preston is a weak link. Not sure how she got this role I have an idea though. Her looks are gone and her mediocre acting ability is getting even worse.

The rest of the cast is OK. This film was written by Norman Snider. This is as bad as it gets. He gets most of it wrong.

Making some stuff up out of the blue. He tries to tie the life long criminal activities and ultimate death of the SunCruz owner to Jack with no proof or even allegations.

This was the only interesting part of the film and its mostly false at least in tying it to Abramoff. The dialog is more of "evil Rupublican" theme than anything.

We make Tom Delay a focal point here. He had some ethics issues but none seemed linked to Jack. As time as gone on Delay has actually been vindicated in most common sense circles.

The real story of Abramoff is that he got greedy at the end with shaking down Indian tribes and trying to get into the offshore casino business.

If this would have been a factual story it would have been quote boring and complicated. The director was George Hickenlooper.

This film had a LMN feel to it. It seemed to have a decent budget but showed like a TV movie. This film was disjointed and not smooth. It seemed as the actors had very little to work with here.

Again, Hollywood seems more interested in showing how bad the Republicans are than making a decent film that sticks to the facts.

C- only because of Spacey Now my big picture thoughts. Hollywood recently seems to be heavily invested in making mainstream films depicting the right as bad, evil, stupid, criminal, etc..

The logic seems to be lets use legitimate actors and films to twist facts and make some odd leftie political statements. There seems to be a shift from the outright kooky Michael Moore stuff to a more "normal" looking films to further the nutty left look at things.

I believe everyone one of these films has been a financial flop. I suspect we will see more films like this depicting the right as evil and left as saintly.

This got me to thinking. We must have had 10 medium to big budget films ripping President Bush over the last 10 years. Most downright silly and clearly financial losers.

Here is a list of films we could make showing the left in not so flattering terms. Most would be pretty entertaining as well.

Remember he and his partner ran a male prostitution ring out of their town home. You cant even make this up!!! This fool actually killed an innocent girl either by just being drunk or something more sinister.

He is a liar and a profiteer. He has made more money on the global warming scam than there are carbon foot prints in Europe!

I think you get my points. While my suggestions may seem silly they are true and can be documented. I think it would.

What about Barney Frank? This idiot not only broke the law with his house of ill repute, but it was his sponsored legislation that really enabled the housing collapse forcing banks to give low income, no background check loans, Too Big to Fail must have missed this.

Funny we never have seen Hollywood disparage any of these people. While clearly few if any Americans actually look to Hollywood for political guidance they sure seem to want to give it to us.

I mean do you want to be told how to vote or think by most Hollywood types? Many of these people have no education, never had a real job, are surrounded by butt kissers.

Did you ever see that video of Matt Damon prattling on about dinosaurs and voting for Obama?? It was quite enlightening.

Hollywood, stick to entertaining us. You really should be better at it. The movie was superb, with all the sarcasm and criticism one could imagine in the lobby business in states.

Especially, the mimicry and flawless impersonation of Kevin Spacey makes it even more wonderful. For those, who admire spacey and his work, its a must watch.

Witty jokes and all the inside jobs on the senate of the United States are fairly portrayed intelligently.

George Hickenlooper, of whom we are not a big fan off, especially after a flick like factory girl, does to some extent pull this one off somehow.

My vote is 3. Based on the true story of a Washington lobbyist who created the biggest scandal in the Capital since Watergate, the film is ingenious and funny, replete with first-rate performances.

Casino Jack will be a box office success when it hits theatres. The Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff knows no limits to his hubris.

The past few months has been filled with highs and lows for the Hickenlooper family. Mayor Denver John Hickenlooper was recently elected to be Governor of Colorado while his cousin George Hickenlooper created his filmatic masterpiece "Casino Jack" also known as "Bagman.

However, this success and the premier of "Casino Jack" at the Denver Film Festival has been shadowed by the death of director George Hickenlooper on October 29, He starts off as a harmless lobbyist, but is corrupted with wealth and power.

He trusts the wrong people to get ahead. Ambramoff and his colleague Michael Scanlon Barry Pepper success is short lived in the casino business and are charged with fraud, conspiracy and tax evasion in The film has some of the best if not the best cinematography of the year beginning with its opening scene showing Ambramoff talking to himself while looking at his bathroom mirror.

The scene is filmed with a series of brilliantly articulated camera angles setting the tone for the rest of the film.

Award winning actor Kevin Spacey takes control of his character meshing his personality and personal touch of acting with the corrupt character of the man he plays.

The chaotic performance of Jon Lovitz helps create the dark comedic feel of the film and defines the meaning of corruption.

At first glance the film does not seem very original and seems to have been on over and over again. Therefore, the film is very predictable and it is very obvious how the film is going to end.

The ego of Ambramoff is captured in many ways in the film, but the most effective comes from a very small reoccurring subtle action.

However, is this enough to save him? Ambramoff states, "I am Jack Ambramoff and oh yeah I work out everyday. I must admit I knew nothing about Jack Abramoff before seeing this film.

I will give you my thoughts on this one after a very brief summary. This film tells the very recent story of Jack Abramoff and his associate, Michael Scanlon.

They were lobbyists under the Bush administration. Their job was to find companies or organisations that wanted or needed changes in legislation.

They would then, for a substantial fee, approach the various politicians they needed to get the job done. The wheels were often greased with large donations to re-election campaigns or similar.

The film tells us about their dealings with various Native American tribes and how they defrauded them out of large amounts of money in order to secure gambling rights.

I found most of the characters quite despicable no real surprise there though and the way they go about their business quite deplorable.

The film itself is pretty well made and the plot does make sense after a while, after several of the threads begin to pull together.

In , Washington was rocked when congressional lobbyist Jack Abramoff played here by Kevin Spacey was convicted for his involvement with his theft of millions of dollars from Native American tribes in exchange for his persuasive powers in government.

After Jack Abramoff was convicted and sentenced to prison in , it was only a matter of time before a film would be released telling the unbelievable true story.

Barry Pepper, one of the most underrated actors working in the industry, was also fantastic as usual. By the time Abramoff is ready to suffer the consequences of his actions, the script, the cast, and Mr.

This makes for one fantastic final act that, even with knowing the story beforehand, is still head-shakingly brilliant. There is also a documentary on this same subject.

Abramoff Spacey , who was staying within legal bounds as a lobbyist, gets greedy and with his business partner Mike Scanlon Pepper starts taking exorbitant fees from various Indian tribes supposedly to help them with their casino businesses.

Of course, these were rival casinos and besides the fact that he was taking more than the legal limit of money, it was conflict of interest to work for several tribes.

Abramoff uses the money to open restaurants, a school for Jewish children, buy a fabulous home, all kinds of things. The idea behind lobbying is that special interest groups - say, an Indian casino, pays a lobbyist who in turn pays congressmen to help smooth the way for the special interest via passage of laws, getting licensing, things of that sort.

Washington calls it lobbying. In one scene, Abramoff flies a bunch of politicos someplace and shows them a good time. We pay for that, by the way.

When a front man is needed, Abramoff turns to a mattress salesman Lovitz to help make a deal. Major, major trouble is the result.

Abramoff ultimately is under investigation, his good friend, Senator Tom Delay, has to resign from the Senate, and the subpoenas start coming.

Kevin Spacey is excellent as the confident, charming, aggressive Abramoff, who thinks he has a lot of friends in high places.

Someone commented that they saw Abramoff interviewed and he seemed quite different from Spacey. Well, Abramoff was in prison at the time and I imagine by then he was quite different.

Spacey met him and I have to assume picked up some characteristics from him. Barry Pepper is also top notch as the sleazy Mike Scanlon, whose massive infidelities cause a huge problem for both himself and Abramoff.

Jon Lovitz I think was miscast. How could anyone think this idiot could make a huge business deal? The character should have at least seemed like he could do a deal of that nature.

The way Lovitz played it, no one would take him seriously - and that includes Abramoff. November investment, performers, Appendix little hundreds tasks.

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